Managing Director – Apollo Bai

Apollo has a strong background of more than 16 years in the import/export and purchasing field, both in China and Australia. He has rich experience in the whole process of import/export business. Apollo worked for two global import/export companies and a manufacturer in China before coming to Australia. In 2008, Apollo worked for a direct sourcing company until he established the company of Apollo Trade Service Pty Ltd…
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About us

Apollo Trade Service Pty Ltd is a company which provides import and export trading services to its clients. Living in Australia, we found that many Australian friends want to import products from China, but they do not know how to handle this. Based on this situation, Apollo Trade Service Pty Ltd was built. The aim of our company is to provide qualified services to the clients and to make their dreams come true through the business of importing and exporting. At the same time, we hope to build a good place for staff to work and stay. Also we hope to make some social contribution to the poor and poverty-stricken people through the profits of the operation of this company. For this, Apollo Trade Service Pty Ltd endeavors to work hard and provide a qualified service at each stage of clients’ importing needs and to make everybody’s dream come true! We will build this company so that it has a long history with great vision.

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What We DO

1We help customers find suitable suppliers.

2We assist customers obtain reasonable prices.

3We help customers control the quality of goods.

Our Skills

  • Rich experience in the field of import and export
  • Professional service for every customer
  • Accuracy, meticulous attention to detail and ability to follow through on tasks
  • A good working knowledge of project management methodologies and processes
  • Translation, interpreting and writing skills
  • Practical and resourceful problem solving skills, being able to think quickly to develop tailor made solutions specific to client requirements
  • Confident decision-making, acting in the best interest of the client