Q?What does your company do for my project?

When you hand a project to us, we will manage the procedures such as sourcing, sampling, purchase order, production, inspection, delivery, shipping and customs clearance etc. Clients can choose all of our services or just use parts of our services. Our pay-as-you-go system is designed to suit your budget. Also we are flexible, and we can design the service to meet your requirement.

Q?What if I could not find a product in China after my sourcing?

There are probably quite a few reasons that you could not find the product you are after:
*There are many suppliers in China, however some suppliers do not advertise themselves on big websites. Therefore you could not find their product information from online sourcing.
*Some suppliers have not translated their website into English, and you could not find their products either.
*Your products are related to special design, technology, materials etc, and no China suppliers can make your products.
*Some suppliers did not tell you the truth in that they actually can make your products, but they just do so for a number of reasons.
Based on the above, we will analyse each situation and provide solutions. For example, if your products are made of special materials and no China suppliers can make the products, we will use all our resources to match some suppliers and check if they can provide what your are after.

Q?What do I need to be ready to source from China?

There are lots of things you need to prepare in advance, and a few points listed below for your reference:
*Regarding your project, the more specifications you can provide, the more accurate quotes suppliers can offer.
*Suppliers may ask for an increase of price for a number of reasons. Sometimes their reasons are legitimate, sometimes not. Therefore you need to understand what the true situation is.
*Quality may be another concern for you. You want a good price but not at the expense of the quality of your product. Therefore finding the balance between the two key elements is what you need to know.
For your benefit, whether you use our service or not, you can just chat with our friendly staff and have more information before you start your project.

Q?How do I protect my design related to intellectual property?

If you hand your project to us and inform us that your design needs to be protected, we will first choose the suppliers who are interested in your project, and then ask these suppliers to sign a nondisclosure agreement for your intellectual property. After that, we let the suppliers know your project. You can also buy our template and put your information in to suit your project and thus protect your intellectual property.

Q?How does your service work?

We have helped many clients get good results, and we believe the best promotion of our business is through word of mouth, therefore we care about every client and provide customised service for them. Our service includes sourcing, sampling, purchase order, production management, inspection, delivery, shipping and customs clearance etc. For each stage we are very meticulous, and check every step of the project to be sure our clients achieve their objectives.

Q?What time frame can I expect to get my products delivered in?

Usually the time consumed varies based on different projects and how large an order is. In most cases, we can finish the sourcing job within three weeks. Other stages, such as sampling, production, shipping etc, will be determined by the specific situation. Send us your information, and we will work out the time frame for your project.

Q?What are the minimum order quantities from suppliers?

Usually specific suppliers have requirements for minimum order quantities. However we understand sometimes clients can not issue a large order initially for all kinds of reasons. This is not a problem. Just send us an email or chat with us. We will provide our suggestion based on your situation.

Q?What products can you source?

We source products based on the requirement of our clients. We have already helped clients in many different product categories, such as Electronics & Household, Electrical Appliances, Lighting Equipment, Machinery, Building Materials, Vehicles & Spare Parts, Hardware & Tools, Chemical Products, Consumer Goods , Home Decor, Gifts, Office Supplies, Cases & Bags, Recreation Products, Textiles & Garments, Shoes, Medical Devices and Health Products. The short answer is we source any products that our clients require except the ones prohibited by governments.

Q?Why should I choose Apollo Trade Service?

Firstly because we can add value to your project. We specialise in every step of the importing process and understand everything that can go wrong during the process. When you hand your project to us, we value the trust you have given us and we will do everything we can to give you peace of mind. With our experience, you can save time & money importing from China. Secondly we provide quality service with competitive pricing in every service. We have importing services such as sourcing, sampling, contract draft & negotiation, production management, inspection, logistics, cargo insurance, and customs clearance. We have other trade services such as exhibition trips, wholesale market service, trip assistants etc. For every service we provide, we will make sure you to get the most value from our service. Finally we want to say we care about you. Whether you have a large project or you are just starting from scratch, we trust our sincerity and warmth will make you feel comfortable when you think of us. We will always keep the question in mind  “why do customers choose Apollo Trade Service?”. We believe the above points are the core to winning customer’s trust and can help us develop long term relationship with them.

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