Purchase contract
Purchase Contract
When you want to purchase products from China suppliers, you need a professional purchase contract to protect your benefits. Our purchase contract template is written in Chinese and English to be sure you and suppliers understand the meaning completely, and the purchase contract template includes many terms and conditions regarding price, payment, quality, quantity, intellectual property protection, packaging, delivery, inspection, discrepancy & claim, etc. to make each party to understand their responsibility clearly.
PRICE: $500

mini order
Mini Purchase Order
When you do business with a Chinese supplier, they usually send their PI (Proforma Invoice) for signing. However their PI is very simple without any duty and responsibility mentioned. Based on this situation, we design the mini order template to protect your benefits. The basic and necessary terms and conditions are put on the template, and it is written in Chinese and English to help each party to understand its meaning.
PRICE: $100

Sample making and moulding agreement
Sample Making And Moulding Agreement
Before you sign a contract with a supplier, you usually need a sample to confirm the quality. As a supplier may ask you to pay for the sample, therefore a sample agreement with the supplier is necessary as it can protect your benefits. And also you may need a supplier to make a mould before you get a sample. As the mould making can take you lots of money, it is better to have a formal agreement for you and suppliers to set the duty and rights clear. We combine the two agreements together to form a very useful document, which will greatly help you obtain a satisfying sample and confirm your ownership of the mould.
PRICE: $200

Sample making agreement
Sample Making Agreement
You may just simply want to have a sample from your supplier before you purchase products and your supplier ask you to pay for it, then our Sample Making Agreement can help you to arrive at your purpose. The Sample Making Agreement lists necessary elements for making a sample and also lists both party’s duty and rights clearly. The price of our Sample Making Agreement is reasonable and you can use it many times as you want.
PRICE: $50

Exclusive Distribution Agreementpng
Exclusive Distribution Agreement
When you think a Chinese supplier’s product is potential in your market, you want to sell their products exclusively. Therefore an exclusive distribution agreement is required for you and the supplier as well. Although you want the supplier only sell their products to you, the supplier is not sure about your ability. Then a professional exclusive distribution agreement with complete terms and conditions can build your supplier’s confidence to you, also a professional exclusive distribution agreement on behalf of you should protect your benefits well. Our agreement is designed like this and it covers all the aspects you require when you negotiate with a Chinese supplier, and the writing of English and its Chinese translation together makes you and your supplier to understand each other’s duty and rights clearly.
PRICE: $600

Manufacturing agreement
Manufacturing Agreement
Do you have concerns that a Chinese supplier may not manufacture products exactly based on your requirements although you want to keep a long term relationship with them? Do you have concerns that they may not protect your intellectual property rights and you worry about if they could disclose the technical information you provided to other parties? Or do you have other concerns when they manufacture products for you? No worries. Our manufacturing agreement will cover lots of key points such as scope of agreement, specifications, compliance, order forecasts, price, intellectual property rights, indemnification, confidentiality, term and termination, independent contractors, non-publicity, assignment, arbitration, etc with all the information translated into Chinese to make both parties understand each other clearly and to protect your interests well.
PRICE: $500

China business check list
China Business Trip Check List
It is excited that you will have a business trip to China, however what you need to prepare before you go? Get a check list to remind you the necessary, important articles for your China business trip.
PRICE: $20

China Business Trip Tips and Useful Knowledge
China Business Trip Tips And Useful Knowledge
Before you leave for China, read the tips and useful knowledge we prepared for you. These tips and knowledge will greatly make your trip smooth and benefit your business activities in China.
PRICE: $20