How It Works

The strength of Apollo Trade Service is to design solutions based on customers’ situations
Only when the customers’ requirements are fulfilled, and the customers like using our service, then the system of Apollo Trade Service works.

When customers want to import or export products, they may have different difficulties. For example, some customers may have budget problems, and some customers may only need small quantities but suppliers ask for large quantity orders. We understand these difficulties and we know what customers expect, therefore we will analyse each customer’s situation and find solutions to match their projects and then help them move to the next stage.

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Easy steps

Apollo Trade Service will make the complicated process of import and export easy for you.

We know you may worry about how to contact China suppliers, or how to handle the project even though you have already found suitable suppliers. We know you may be nervous when you are in a totally unfamiliar situation. From now on, you do not need to be afraid of all these things, as we are here to help you deal with every difficulty you may have. Just follow the next steps:

  1. Give us a call or an email regarding what you want to import from China;
  2. Our professional staff will call you to learn about your project;
  3. Our professional staff will analyse your project and discuss the possibilities of your project;
  4. We will find the solution for your project.
You do not need to worry if your project is feasible or not. After our professional staff have discuss it with you, you can make your decision.

Many customers start from scratch, and they may not have a big budget, or they just want to import a minimum quantity to test the market. We understand your situation and can help you. Based on the support of our professional service, we will make the process of importing easy for you and take away all the worries.