Logistics, Insurance, Customs Clearance

logistics (transparent)

Compared to domestic delivery, international transportation can be more

complicated. We provide our services from the cargo delivery in China until

cargo arrives at your door. To be more specific, our services include

products delivery to a China port or loading from a factory, China customs

clearance, insurance, sea transportation, destination port customs clearance, 

local delivery to your place. During this process, there are many details 

involved. For example, the supplier may ask to confirm shipping documents

like invoice, packing list, B/L, packing declaration, etc. If you do not know how 

to complete these documents and provide wrong information, it may cause a 

big loss. Take insurance for another example: you may feel confused regarding

what insurance to get and how to buy insurance. With the services we provide,

our experienced staff will go through every detail carefully and handle all the

issues. Contact our professional consultant for more details.