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A Simple Comment to Power Gardening Tools and Power Tools in China

China is famous for providing power tools and garden power tools, so many customers purchase these tools from China. Generally too many power tools suppliers are in China, so the competition is fierce, and no many margin for these suppliers as well. Comparatively the competition in the field of garden power tools is not that much, probably profit margins for customers are better. As there are many articles talking about power tools, here we only introduce China’s power garden tools.

History of China Power Gardening Tools

As there are lots of China garden power equipment manufactures and suppliers, first we briefly introduce a little bit history about China garden power tools. In the beginning, China did not have suppliers who provide garden power tools, and most big suppliers were from Japan, such as Honda, Komatsu, Kawasaki. In the mid 1980s, some of China manufacturers learned about the demand for small power machinery was very large, so they introduced Japan’s technology and started the production of gardening power tools such as lawn mower, chainsaw, cultivator, brush cutter, hedge trimmer, earth auger, blower and vacuum, water pump, electric sprayer, mist duster, etc. China’s power gardening equipments were exported to Southeast Asia first due to the high demand and the loose requirement to technology. After China joined the WTO, China’s power gardening tools entered western countries. Because of the high cost of labor there, many western people are used to doing things by themselves. Therefore power garden tools are widely used by them. And lots of people there have their house, townhouse, garden, lawn, so the requirement for gardening tools is huge. In order to enter these countries, China gardening power manufacturers have to improve their technology as well. After China’s gardening power tools are exported to western countries, garden power tools made in China are exported to South America and other areas as well.

Big Power Gardening Tools Manufactures Set Their Factories in Asia and China

By the way Japan’s power garden tools have good quality but price is high as well. Also due to high cost of manufacturing cost in Japan, many big Japanese providers move their factory overseas, for example, Honda’s engine is made in Thailand. Markita’s has their garden power tool factory is in China. Kawasaki established their engine factory in China as well. Therefore to keep competitive, these big Japanese suppliers have to move their factory to other countries with low manufacturing cost, especially China.

Generally, if you look for wholesale garden power equipment, want to buy power gardening equipment or have good price and qualified DIY garden power tools, probably importing them from China is a good choice.

Concerns from Clients Regarding China’s Power Gardening Tools

When people think about sourcing or importing garden power tools from China, they may have some questions in mind, like “what is the best garden power tools brand in China”, “what garden power tools I should import from China”, “where are the best garden power tools suppliers”.

A. The Location of China’s Power Gardening Tools

As there are lots of details regarding China’s gardening power tools, here we only cover one of the questions regarding the location of suppliers. Due to the manufacturing history of China’s power gardening equipments, most Chinese suppliers are located in Shanghai, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shangdong province. Therefore when customers think of choosing supplier, it is better to consider ones from those areas.

B.The Critical Parts of Gardening Power Tools

The core component of the garden power machinery is engine, followed by transmission devices. The two things determine the quality of products. Among suppliers in China, whose products have the qualified engine and transmission device, whose products can be trusted. Currently there are quite a few Chinese supplier who can provide good components. However price from them varies. Therefore finding suppliers who can provide qualified products with reasonable price is important for customers’ business.

C. The Balance of Price and Quality

When people think of importing power garden tools from China, usually they will realize the cost and want to have cheap gardening power tools, however that does not mean they would sacrifice the quality of machine. Based on this situation, we suggest to find the balance of the price and quality when they choose China garden power tool suppliers.

Hope this article can be some help for your business. Actually there are lots of information regarding China’s power garden tools. If you want to discuss your project with details, you are more than welcome to contact our friendly staff.

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