Sourcing Textile Manufacturers in China

China’s Textile Industry Is Famous In The World

Each year China textile manufacturers export innumerable products to world wide. If people go to a market to buy a clothes, probably the clothes is made from China. However there are thousands of suppliers in China, some supplier are really good and can produce qualified products, some suppliers are not. Therefore knowing some knowledge regarding Chinese textile can help people source China suppliers:

1. General Distribution of Textile Manufacturers in China

China textile production is everywhere, and many cities have their textile manufacturers, so there are many textile companies dealing with textile business as well. However more big and famous textile suppliers are located in the area along China sea from north to south.

2. Key Points of Sourcing From China In Textiles Industry

As many suppliers do the business of textile, there are a few factors for people to consider when they want to source or import textiles from China.

A. Price

When people ask different Chinese suppliers for quote, usually they can obtain different prices. Not the lowest quote from a supplier is the best. Sometimes suppliers want to attract your attention, and quote a very low price, but possibly there are some hidden costs they do not tell you. Therefore compare the price you get and know an average price level and then have some ideas.

B. Location

Choosing any supplier can be possible for a customer’s business. However choosing a supplier who is closer to a port can help client save the transportation cost. Meanwhile it does not mean you should not choose a supplier whose location is far away to port. If the supplier has their warehouse that is closer to a port, and the supplier is storing many products in warehouse, you can consider them as well.

C. What Products The Suppliers Are Good At

Different suppliers have different advantages. Some suppliers are good at weaving, and some suppliers are good at knitting. Some suppliers are good at adults’ clothes, some suppliers are good at kids clothes. Some suppliers are good at making men’t garments, and some suppliers are good at making women’s garments. Therefore knowing the strong points of a supplier and choose the supplier who suits your requirement.


Often China manufacturers have the requirement to minimum order quantity. However many customers could not order a lot for the first time. Therefore knowing the requirement of MOQ from a Chinese textile supplier can be a condition of choosing them or not.

E. Quality Control

No matter what a supplier clients finally choose, the quality is always the key point for clients hope to get. Knowing how a supplier controls their quality is very important. Also if the supplier can provide licenses to prove themselves, that would be better.

F. Delivery Time

Usually the delivery time is definite for many suppliers, say one month to finish mass production. However if a supplier asks for a longer time, you need to know the reason and have an idea if you need to choose this one. Also on time delivery is crucial for customers’ business. If you have advertised the products, but the chosen supplier could not deliver your goods on time, then your money and time could be wasted. Choosing the supplier who can deliver your products on time will benefit your business.

Hope this article can be some help. Actually there are other factors as well when you choose a China textile supplier. We suggest to analyse a Chinese supplier based on customer’s specific situation. If you want to discuss your project, you are more than welcome to contact us for further discussion.

By the way, there are many opportunities regarding products made in china. Chinese manufacturers can produce what you require. We provide customized import assistance to every step of business in regard to importing from China, such as sourcing, sampling, contract draft & negotiation, production management, inspection, logistics, insurance, customs clearance of your products.

Wrote by Apollo Trade Service Team

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