Other Services

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We have other services to meet your requirements, and these services are listed below for your reference:

Visa application, invitation letter and itinerary planning service:
When you want to visit China for a business trip, usually you need to have your visa approved, an invitation letter prepared, and you need to have an itinerary for your trip. We will do all these things for you. In the itinerary, some important information like what time suppliers are available, how to visit China suppliers, how to come back, where to rest etc, will be listed in details. We also provide our tips before you leave, and these tips will greatly help you have a smooth trip in China. Sometimes you may ask us to help arrange accommodation, and this additional service will be provided for free. Contact our professional consultant for more details.

Testing service:
We provide testing services to meet your requirements, and we provide many different product test, such as textile and apparel testing, ceramic & glassware testing, toys & children’ s product testing, footwear testing, and other products’ testing. For different products, we will do physical and chemical testing and then we will prepare a report in details for your reference. Contact our professional consultant for more details.

Varied inspection service:
We provide all kinds of inspection services for you, such as pre-shipment inspection, pre-production inspection, during production inspection and other inspection services. When we talk of our import service, we have explained our pre-shipment inspection in details, so here we mainly introduce the other services. For pre-production inspection, our professional inspector will check lots of items, such as factory’s production lines & capability, factory’s facilities & equipment, raw materials, main components and accessories, semi-finished products and some finished products. During production inspection, we will arrange the inspector to check the production status during the manufacturing process, the semi-finished and finished products at random, the production lines & capability, the package details and packing material etc. Also we provide other inspection services for you if you name them. Contact our professional consultant for more details.

Exhibition service when you are not available:
An exhibition visit is good for you to see products and talk face to face with suppliers. However sometimes you cannot go to China. Based on this situation, we design this service for you when you cannot go to China. This service will provide all things that you can think of:  for example, if you need to collect information, catalogue etc from a supplier or many suppliers in exhibition, we can do that. Or you need us to negotiate with a supplier in exhibition on behalf of you, we can do that. In a word, we provide services related to anything you require from exhibitions. Contact our professional consultant for more details.

Local market assistant service:
There are many famous local markets in different places of China. Usually the products there have varied styles and good prices. Therefore obtaining useful information from these markets is very important for you to do business. However it is difficult for you to see this if you are not there. Because of this, we design our service to help gather information for you. For example, you may need some information prior to issuing an order, or want to source products such as fabrics, materials, etc. We can arrange our assistant to go to these markets to gather price information, take photos, and collect other details of products for your reference. In brief, we provide services covering all of your requirements from these local markets. Contact our professional consultant for more details.

Translation and interpretation service:
Translation and interpretation are very important to make suppliers understand your information clearly and accurately. Usually you have your product specification, requirements, or other information, and suppliers need to fully understand your information. For example, when you have some English documents to show China suppliers, or you and suppliers need to communicate effectively over the phone, we provide our translation and interpretation services to help them. Also translation and interpretation helps you and suppliers to understand each other without miscommunication, thus increasing their trust and developing more business cooperation. Contact our professional consultant for more details. 

* Create services to meet your requirements
If there is another service to those listed above that you need, please let us know. We will create a service according to your specific requirement. No problem.